"Practice what you can't play. If you sound good while practicing you're not getting any better."

- Jojo Mayer

Alfonso Velasco was raised in Broward County, Florida. He found his passion for music through drumline in High School. At Florida State University, he had the privilege to study under Leon Anderson and received a Bachelor’s degree. He moved back to Miami, Florida to obtain his Master’s Degree in Jazz Performance at Florida International University, studying under Rodolfo Zuniga. Currently he is performing, composing music, and working as a music teacher and drumline instructor at Somerset Silver Palms Middle and High School. 

He is planning on furthering his education for a doctorate in Jazz Performance as well as releasing an album. He has performed with Juan Turros, JT4, Erich Bergen, Russ Spiegal Big Band, Nicholas Rousseau Javier Nero, Louis Almanti, Zach Bartholomew, and Geenius Project. Studied under Phoenix Rivera, Rodolfo Zuniga, Leon Anderson, Jason Hainsworth, Bill Peterson, Jamie Ousley, Jonathan Dadurka, Gary Campbell, Ruben Caban, and Paul Ayick.